Data Collection Data Collection

FISHREG collects and maintains fisheries data reported by EU Member States in the framework of the Data Collection Framework (DCF) - previously it was the Data Collection Regulation (DCR). The new Data Collection Framework adopted in 2008 supports the collection, management and use of fisheries data in the framework of multi-annual national programmes. The new framework obliges Member States to provide access to these data for fisheries management advice, scientific publication, public debate and stakeholder participation in policy development.

Several times a year, following formal data calls by the Commission, national correspondents upload their data using a dedicated web site run by FISHREG. There are at least four different types of data gathered by FISHREG: biological, economic, fishing effort and discards. The focus of the data calls and the variables can change from year to year. For more information see Data Collection web site. The datasets gathered by FISHREG are first checked for compliance and quality, and then normally placed at the disposal of independent experts participating in Working Groups of the STECF in charge of scientific advice. Challenges addressed by JRC in data collection include the development of quality assurance procedures, common codifications, and aggregation for analysis and assessments.