Energy Efficiency in Fisheries Energy Efficiency in Fisheries

With the rising cost of fuel, energy efficiency in fisheries has become a key issue for the sector's profitability, and the European Commission pledged to facilitate the exchange of good ideas and best practice. Technical solutions to increase efficiency include changes in fishing gears and techniques (e.g. from active to passive) as well as changes to onboard propulsion and energy generation and management.

To address this issue FISHREG has developed a specific website to address this issue, the energyefficiency in fisheries web site, whose primary target is fishery professionals and their associations. The website contains reference information and studies, scientific literature, relevant past and future events (e.g. exhibitions and conferences), information on EU research-funding opportunities, relevant EU projects, initiatives by universities, research centres, companies and professional associations and consortia at regional and national levels, related EU legislation as well as other related links.