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Water column habitats of key marine species


ACCES TO HABITAT MAPS (Windows and Linux)
(Atlantic bluefin tuna, fin whale, hake nurseries)

Habitat data are available for research on request, please contact:


Generic index of potential fish productivity (description)


OPERATIONAL MITIGATION OF JUVENILE BY-CATCH (daily update at 16.00 Central European Time)

Real-time mapping of bottom trawling preferable avoidance

based on habitat estimation of hake nurseries (Druon et al. 2014)

Download real-time maps: full resolution image (.png), or Google Earth (.kmz) for zooming in your area.
Download presentation to MEDAC.
Send to a recipient email address to daily receive the map in both formats.
Visualize animation for:


Other example of operational habitat mapping: Potential habitat of fin whale is daily produced in near-real time and sent to a restricted list of users (below with two weeks delay, 3-day composite, click on the image for a larger view):