Job opportunities Job opportunities

Permanent posts are first advertised internally within the Commission. If this phase is unsuccessful, candidates are sought  inside appropriate Commission reserve lists. Laureates in these lists are selected through European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) procedures.

Temporary posts for scientific work are filled using JRC grantholders, contractual agents (category IV) or seconded national experts. Trainees (stagiaires) are also welcome.

"Fisheries and Aquaculture" grantholder positions (at the doctorate, postdoctorate or senior scientist level) and opportunities for trainees are advertised using Open Calls through the IPSC Institute's web site. They also advertised widely through relevant mailing lists used by the scientific communities. Contractual agents are selected from inside EPSO reserve lists for temporary staff. Seconded national expert profiles are advertised through their national representations. More information on eligibility and rules for the different types of temporary posts can be found here.


To apply please follow directions available at:

Only on line applications via the ESRA tool will be considered.