AquaTrace species leaflet
(Scophthalmus maximus)
March 2014














This knowledge review was carried out under the FP7 project
AquaTrace / WP2


Edited by:
C. Bouza*
S. Vandamme**
M. Hermida*
S. Cabaleiro***
F. Volkaert**
P. Martinez*

*Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (USC)
**Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
***Cluster de Acuicultura de Galicia/CETGA


J.Hoffher and F.Contini for the web lay-out; all AquaTrace parteners for revision, particularly D.Crosetti, T.Svåsand and P. Haffray for critical comments.


Turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) is an important commercial flatfish with an estimated European aquaculture and capture fishery production of 11,161 and 5,254 tonnes, respectively, in 20121.

The species belongs to the Family Scophthalmidae (Orden Pleuronectiformes), and has also been referred as Psetta maxima. However, the use of Scophthalmus as generic name has been strongly recommended based on ecology and phylogenetic systematics, in order to simplify the nomenclature of this scophthalmid flatfish2.

This review aims to put together the most updated scientific knowledge on the species, in particular as regards aquaculture production and genetics of wild populations and hatchery stocks in Europe.

‘At a glance' provides a brief overview summary while under the ‘in depth information‘ the distribution, biology, production and genetics are described in more detail with useful links to graphics, tables and useful websites. The information is followed by an extensive list of references.


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