issue 5
July 2016

AquaTrace takes advantage of cutting edge genetic and genomic analytical approaches to support aquaculture activity and management, as well as the protection of our marine and freshwater environments.
This includes the development of forensically validated genetic tools for tracing the origin of farmed fish and to monitor genetic interactions between fish from aquaculture and their wild conspecifics. Additionally it aims at identifying the locations in fish genomes which are responsible for the physiological and life-history differences we observe between wild and cultured fish. Based on the scientific insights a risk assessment and management recommendations will be provided concerning the genetic impact of aquaculture fish on wild fish gene pools. The results and new insights emerging from AquaTrace could provide also very valuable support for the aquaculture industry, for example to guide breeding and domestication processes. Moreover AquaTrace pursues a strategy, including partnerships with related projects such as FishPopTrace (https://fishpoptrace.jrc.ec.europa.eu), which will lead to additional benefits for marine fisheries management, particularly genetic stock identification and assessment.
All activities are designed such that they can contribute to Horizon 2020, the upcoming EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation and “Blue Growth” the EU long term strategy to support sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors.
The AquaTrace consortium includes 22 partners from across Europe encompassing diverse expertise ranging from molecular genomics to practical fish breeding. Likewise, project partners include Universities, Governmental, EU and private research institutions as well as fish breeding companies and associations.
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A great opportunity to come into touch with us at the major event for aquaculture in Europe

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Aquaculture Europe 2016


Edinburgh, Scotland September 20-23, 2016


I am happy to announce our presence at the annual conference of the European Aquaculture Society in Edinburgh. The AquaTrace project will showcase its results in a dedicated session during the conference
Thursday, September 22nd (14.30 to 17.10).

In total nine presentations will be given, ranging from surveys of aquaculture breeding practices in Europe over genomic traceability tool development to a risk assessment for marine aquaculture in Europe.

So we would be delighted to welcome you at our EA2016 session.

Yours sincerely,


Einar Eg Nielsen
Coordinator of AquaTrace