Collaborations Collaborations

This research initiatives are performed with the full collaboration of numerous research institutes across Europe.

  • Atlantic bluefin tuna: After an initial collaboration with IFREMER (France), the current extension of the habitat over the North Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico is performed within an international collaboration of scientific experts from Mexico, the USA, Canada, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Denmark and Japan.
  • Tropical tunas species: IRD - France, AZTI and IEO - Spain
  • European Hake: MEDITS scientific community - Italy: COISPA, SIBM-Genova University, CIBM, UNICA, Rome University, CNR-IAMC, Bari University. France: IFREMER. Spain: IEO. Malta: MRRA. Greece: IMBC, HCMR.
  • Fin whale: Italy: TETHYS, ISPRA, CETUS, CIMA Foundation. France: ÉcoOcéan, GIS3M, GREC, Souffleurs d'Écume, WWF-France, La Rochelle University, IFREMER. Spain: ALNITAK, CIRCÉ. Switzerland: Swiss Cetacean Society. International: NATO-NURC.
  • Mesozooplankton: Marine Biological Association (UK), IFREMER (France), Lille University/University of Cote d'Opale (France).
  • Blue shark: The collaboration is global with currently scientists experts of the species ecology from Protugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia and Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (ICCAT, IATTC).